Friday, 21 December 2012

...My favourite winter jumpers

I have my laptop back! YAYYY, after a whole month of it being sent off for repair, it's all fixed and brand new! I didn't like using my sisters because I couldn't really save my own pictures on there so I can finally take more of my own photographs for you guys :) Anyway, only 4 more sleeps till christmas! Excited? YES. I swear I get more and more excited every year it's quite weird! I don't think it helps that my boyfriend also gets excited haha. Is everyone else all prepared and ready? As it's the winter season, I thought I'd show you some photographs of my favourite jumpers in my wardrobe, I have so many it's ridiculous and don't even wear them all! I just love to be warm in the winter, for me there's nothing worse than being freezing cold as that ruins everything as I feel the cold quite easily :(

 Miss Selfridge: £35
 Next: £32
 Urban Outfitters: £40
 Topshop: £35
 H&M: £25

I'd love to know what you all thought of them :) Please drop me a comment and I promise I'll read them all!


  1. Cute! :) I love jumpers as well, best to wear in winter!


  2. Love all of your jumpers, I have a wardrobe full of them, just love them in Winter :)

    Bee happy x

  3. I have to say the H&M one might be my fav, I love jumpers with bobbles on!xx

  4. love the first one!

    x0 chelsea

  5. These all look so cute and comfy :)!

  6. Really pretty pieces!


  7. i love the first and second one!!! i love jumpers like these too!!! :D yay!

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  8. They alll seem lovely and warm :) you have a nice blog and I follow you on GFC, follow back maybe? :)
    Wish you happy holidays :)