Friday, 1 March 2013

...I'm back!

Hey girls! Oh my goodness I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since I last posted, this is not like me at all! But anyway, I am back :) and I'm going to be posting every couple of days now. I start work at 11:30 everyday so I have time to do outfit posts before I go to work which is amazing! I  have been really busy with work as I started TOPSHOP last monday and it's been manic, absolutely flippin' incredibe though! I finally feel that I belong somewhere, I'm with loads of girls who are my age which is amazing and I just love the atmosphere as everyone are so nice! It also helps that it is most definitely one of my favourite shops of all time! I'm getting good customer feedback and I feel as though I've picked it up really quickly as well which is good :) things are running very smoothly!
 This is the outfit I wore to work today (all from Topshop surprise surprise haha). The minute this cardigan came in, I feel in love instantly because I feel as though it's very Chanel inspired because of the shape and pattern and it's so me! I also bought this blouse to go underneath it as it's quite simple and doesn't drag the attention away from the cardigan :) I can also wear this shirt under all sorts! This necklace however, was reduced from £15 to £1.50!?!?!?! So I HAD to buy it, I thought it was such a bargain and it's also gorgeous and will go with a lot and will glam up any outfit!
What do you think of my outfit guys? Would love to hear from you all again :)