Sunday, 16 December 2012

...BarryM haul

First things first, 97 followers!!?? Thank you so much everyone! I've only had my blog now for a month and this is such a big achievement for me, I'm so happy :) I never thought this would happen. Only 3 more to 100 so please share my blog around, would love to hear from new people!
I really fancied some christmassy nails so I thought I'd go on a spending spree :) Most of my nail varnishes are pinks, purples and colours like that! I don't really have any different types of nail varnishes, they're all quite basic and plain as I'm not very good at nail art, (wish I was!) so I wanted to try something different. I went into my local town on Saturday as that was my day off and went into Superdrug and was pleasently surprised by the selection! BarryM especially, it was amazing! I was in the shop for aaaagesss trying to decide what colours to get as I want to alternate. I came up with these, rasberry and the gold sparkle because I think they go great together and aren't the typical christmas colours and I'm so pleased with how they've turned out :)
The rasberry one was really easy to apply and only needed 2 layers because it was quite thick, the brush was also really easy to use and the hairs in the brush weren't moulting which they usually do and it's so annoying! It was only £2.99 which I think is such a bargain for BarryM and if you spend £6 or over on the nail varnishes you get a really ultimate sparkly one for free which is lush!
The gold sparkly one was again, really good to apply but it needed a lot of layers as it is pure glitter so it's quite thin. I think I only applied 3 layers quite thickly and then put a base coat over the top to make it more shiny! This is my favourite nail varnish and I'm going to keep applying it until christmas as I think it's the perfect pattern/texture and in the daylight it's sooo sparkly and pretty which I love :)


  1. LOVE. gosh I need to get paid.

  2. the gold sparkle one is gorgeous! I already have Raspberry so I may have to grab the gold too as they look so good together! x

  3. I love the gold sparkly one, perfect for christmas x

  4. I love sparkly Barry M nail varnishes but they pretty much always need a solid colour underneath otherwise you have to apply like a million coats lol :) x

  5. red and gold, I'm totally gonna do this for the holidays :)

  6. the gold sparkle looks absolutely amazing x

  7. that looks amazing! :) <3 Nice blog!

    I would appreciate if, if you visit my blog too! :)