Friday, 11 January 2013

...Motel Rocks Sale

Hey girls! How's everyone? Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, been really busy working, had a job interview and it's all been quite mad and this hasn't really been my main priority. The interview was for a manager position at Sole Trader, which is what I mentioned in my previous post and I cannot believe they even considered my application! I mean, manager of a store!? WHOAH. I have another interview as they do 2 for the manager position which is going to be quite scary as it's with the area manager, but fingers crossed I get the job! It would start my year off perfectly :) anyway, now I have a free evening and can relax a little, I can finally make a post! :) I don't really need that many clothes as I have loads and got quite a few nice bits and bobs for christmas, and I bought a couple of things a few days ago too. But I was looking on the Motel Rocks website on the sale items and omggg it's amazing! The dresses are absolutley gorgeous and it's making me really tempted which is bad haha. Here are some of my favourites :) sorry this post isn't very exciting! But would love to know what you all think!

1. Motel Fairy Dust Mesh Dress/ was £48, now £18
2. Motel Cillia Sequin Skater Dress/ was £58, now £15
3. Motel Elsa Cap Bodycon Dress/ was £42, now £15
5. Motel Bodycon Lace Dress/ was £48, now £15
6. Motel Bodycon Dress in Silver/ was £48, now £15

Such bargains aren't they!?


  1. Good luck with the job interview dear! I'm sure you will do fine :) The top middle dress is SO nice and actually the only one I like out of these haha. I am so angry at myself for buying a dress early on, I should have waited erghhhh they can't really be that cheap surely :( xx

  2. thank god for this discount!

  3. great bargains indeed! :) love the first dress so much!! :)

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  4. really love the first one!

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  5. these dresses are lovely
    gorgeous blog :)

  6. All the dresses are so lovely, I love the black lace ones they're so pretty x

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  8. I ordered a dress from there on Saturday for £10 with free delivery, I was so shocked! I nominated you for a Liebster award, have a look here xo