Friday, 1 March 2013

...I'm back!

Hey girls! Oh my goodness I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since I last posted, this is not like me at all! But anyway, I am back :) and I'm going to be posting every couple of days now. I start work at 11:30 everyday so I have time to do outfit posts before I go to work which is amazing! I  have been really busy with work as I started TOPSHOP last monday and it's been manic, absolutely flippin' incredibe though! I finally feel that I belong somewhere, I'm with loads of girls who are my age which is amazing and I just love the atmosphere as everyone are so nice! It also helps that it is most definitely one of my favourite shops of all time! I'm getting good customer feedback and I feel as though I've picked it up really quickly as well which is good :) things are running very smoothly!
 This is the outfit I wore to work today (all from Topshop surprise surprise haha). The minute this cardigan came in, I feel in love instantly because I feel as though it's very Chanel inspired because of the shape and pattern and it's so me! I also bought this blouse to go underneath it as it's quite simple and doesn't drag the attention away from the cardigan :) I can also wear this shirt under all sorts! This necklace however, was reduced from £15 to £1.50!?!?!?! So I HAD to buy it, I thought it was such a bargain and it's also gorgeous and will go with a lot and will glam up any outfit!
What do you think of my outfit guys? Would love to hear from you all again :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

...30 Facts About Me

001: My name is Jess Ellen Weaver, which means my initials spell out JEW.
002. I was born on the 4th July 1993 which means I'm 19.
003.Either me or my sister will have twins!
004. I can't burp :(
005. I've wanted to play the drums my whole life but have never had the guts to!
006. I have a weird half coloured mole on my leg.
007. I have a birth mark on my tummy.
008. Danny Jones from McFly blew me a kiss!
009. I had the oppertunity to give The Wanted a hug before they were famous but I turned it down as I didn't know who they were! Gutted.
010. I dropped out of Uni after 1 year.
011. I love mushrooms
012. I went on my first holiday with my boyfriend to Majorca.
013. I used to eat sand when I was little.
014. I need to have salad cream with Lasagne or I can't eat it, don't ask!
015. My first car is a KA (my baby)
016. I passed my driving test 4th time lucky (such a bad experience)
017. Got made redundant at the age of 17.
018. My mum accidently killed my hamster :(
019. My first ever holiday was in Portugal when I was 1.
020. I rode all the biggest rides at Disney Land Paris when I was 7.
021. I got bullied the majority of my school life.
022. I used to love Greenday!?
023. I'm obsessed with the Olsen Twins and always have been.
024. I love horror movies.
025. I'm smaller than my little sister :(
026. I did dance for 10 years and loved it!
027. I have 3 old man crushes, Bill Nighy, Robert Dinero and Steve Martin haha
028. I went parasailing in Majorca and it was incredible.
029. I spent a night in hospital with suspected appendicitis and it was actually wind! hahaha
030. I've been in love with my boyfriend since we were 16 and I still am, more than ever! :)
Hope that wasn't too boring! I would love to hear yours if you've done them :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

...Topshop Haul

Hey guys! How's everyones week been? :) I've had quite a boring week actually, had a couple of days off which I spent sat at home watching movies as it was too cold to go outside! Then I handed in my notice at work which didn't go down very smoothly, so glad it's over and done with though! Anyway, I thought I'd splash out on a few pieces from TOPSHOP (they're all online) as I start my new job there in a couple of weeks and I want a few new outfits! I got so excited when the package came through the post! I still have a lot of clothes from TOPSHOP but tbh not as many as I thought. I also thought it would be better to buy some items from the 'new in' section so when I wear them to work, people will see how popular and lovely they are :) As you can see by the photos, I have quite a neutral colour palette for the clothes I mainly wear, because I feel as though they suit me better and they also go with a lot more! For example I can mix and match a lot of these items :). This is a first post I've ever done of me actually wearing the clothes, but I thought I'd show you some of the outfits I'd be wearing. Obviously they'd both be teamed with jewellery and accessories, so these are just the basic outfits. I absolutely love the lace top and skirt, and the blazer with it also looks gorgeous! I was thinking of buying a few necklaces and rings from TOPSHOP to make the outfit look more trendy and less plain so I'll keep you updated on that :)
What do you guys think of my clothes/outfits?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

...Mini Haul

Hey girls! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's literally been a crazy but amazing week! I don't know where to start, but basically I'VE LANDED A FULL TIME JOB AT TOPSHOP! I cannot express my happiness, it's literally a dream come true of mine and I'm extremely happy as it will open so many doors for me to get into the fashion indsutry later on in life! I didn't really see any point in handing in my CV because they never have any jobs going, but literally the minute I walked in, I heard one of the shop workers say "yes we have a full time position available" I literally rushed over to her straight away and gave her my CV, thinking nothing of it. The next day I got a phone call from her asking me to go in for an interview on Saturday, which I did and I didn't think I did that well because it was extremely intense. She said she'd let me know up to 2 weeks whether I was successful or not because she had other people to interview, but literally an hour after the interview she rang me telling me I got it straight away as they were really impressed and that I'd fit in with the team well! So excited :) I start in 2 weeks time and get a uniform allowance and 25% discount! So I will be posting a lot about the clothes I buy and wishlists from there so stay tuned! Anyway, when I went to town I picked up a few little bits and bobs that I've wanted for some time :)
The first item I purchased was the Body Shop shower gel which I absolutely love! My boyfriends mum bought me this for Christmas and I absolutley love the scent, it smells so fresh and it's gorgeous! I ran out so quickly as I used so much, so I popped into Bodyshop again and bought another one and it was only £4.50, as you can see it's called 'Atlan Mountain Rose' and I definitely recommend it to everyone!
Next I bought some nail wraps from Primark. I've seen bloggers post about them before saying how lovely and cute the patterns are, and they did actually have a really nice selection! I picked the spots and flowers because they're right up my street and are really cute, especially for £1 each! But then when I applied them, they literally lasted about 1 day and that was it. They're cheap for a reason! I was going to post a photograph of my nails but by the time I was going to, they started to peel off which was annoying :( they're really pretty patterns but I wouldn't recommend!
Lastly, I bought these really cute elasticated headbands from Primark and they were also £1 each! They'd go lush with my fringe, as they have really cute bows on the top, so with my hair up in a high bun, it would look really cute and I think they'd make any outfit look good :) these are obviously more for during the day than evening and I can literally wear them wherever! I was slightly disappointed with Primark's selection, these were the only two styles they had and I was expecting more! But I still love them :) I will do a post of me wearing them at some point so keep an eye out!
What do you guys think? :)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

...Current Favourite Lipsticks and Glosses

1. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick, Sugar Plum/2. Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection Lipstick in 03/ 3. 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick, Barely Blush/ 4. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick Matte, Asia/ 5. Rimmel London Stay Glossy in 120.
The first lipstick is the Rimmel London in the colour Sugar Plum which is one of my newer ones. I'm really glad I bought it because the colour immediately brightens up my face as it looks quite bright on my skin tone. I usually wear quite neutral lipsticks which blend in as I don't really like bright lipsticks very much, but I really wanted a nice colour for when I go out clubbing and things in the evening as I think the neutral ones look too plain. Like the name on the packaging, it literally is a lovely plum colour but it's not dull which is how I imagined it to look, it's bright and looks so gorgeous! It's really easy and nice to apply as it's smooth, I only apply it lightly so it's not too garish and then I maybe add a reaaaally light lipgloss over the top just to add a bit of glamour.
The second is again the brand Rimmel London and as you can see, it's getting pretty worn out. This is my oldest lipstick which I've had for over a year now and it's nearly gone! It's definitely my favourite lipstick out of all of them, I love it! The colour matches my skin tone perfectly because it's more of a neutral pink/brown and it's suitable for all occasions, why is why it's nearly gone! It's really easy to apply and I can put as much on as I want without it looking too bold, and same with above, I add a light pink lipgloss over the top as I prefer it looking more glossy rather than matte and it's perfect for a day and evening look.
The third lipstick is the newest one I only bought about a month ago with the boots voucher my boyfriends Nan bought me for Christmas. The brand is 17, which I'd never even heard of until I saw it in the shop and I have to say I'm really impressed :) they have such a selection of different colours and shades and I was literally there for ages trying out the samples on my hand to see which one I wanted. In the end I decided on this shade, called Barely Blush (really cute name too). I use it for all occassions and it's the colour that I've been searching for, for ages! It's looks lighter in person than on the picture, as it's a really nice light pink colour which is SO soft and feminine. I wear it mainly during the day when I'm going shopping or anything like that. It's too good for work I think so I save it for different occassions! It's definitely my lipstick of the month at the moment and reccommend it to all :)
The fourth one is another Rimmel lipstick surprise surprise haha. The colour is called Asia which is a really dark pink, maybe a bit brown too,  and to be honest, the only reason why I actually bought this one was to replace the one that was running out (the Kate Moss one) but clever me, I bought the wrong colour and it's slighly darker than I imagined. I still really like it and it adds variety to my make-up bag but I wish it was a slightly bit lighter as I feel as though it slightly washes me out. I don't really wear it during the day anymore as I wear my 17 lipstick instead. But for going out in the evening for dinner and things like that it's always good because it's not too garish or neutral, it's bascially in the middle!
Lastly, it's my favourite lipgloss EVER, Rimmel London Stay Glossy. I wear this basically everyday, constantly keep it in my handbag so I can quickly apply it over any lipstick whenever I like as it literally suits all the colours of lipstick I own which is amazing :) it's quite bad really because this is the only lipgloss I've basically ever worn. Whenever it runs out, I literally go out and buy the exact same one to replace it which is quite bad haha. I think I need to try a new one now, by a new brand too so I'll keep you girls updated! :)
What are you favourite brands or colours? Would love to hear from you all as usual :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

...New Headbands

Hey girls! Hope you've all had a nice weekend? :) mine has actually been really busy but quite nice. Yesterday morning I had a wedding photography course at a local college of mine and it was from 9:30-1:30 and it was really fun! I thought I'd go because I'm taking photographs for a friends wedding in the summer and I thought it would be best to go to a course (only cost about £30) to learn more about technique and things and I actually found it really interesting and fun! The only awkward thing, was that I was the youngest there :( they were literally all bout 40+ who wanted to learn about how to get into the wedding photography industry and they all had no experience whatsoever which is quite funny! But anyway, the course has now made me really excited for my friends wedding and if I enjoy it, I may do some work experience with some photographers, either wedding or normal. Then I picked my boyfriend up in the afternoon and we went shopping as he needed some new shirts for work. So I thought, whilst I'm in town I'll have a little wonder in Accessorize (as I got a £15 voucher for Christmas) and I wanted to see if there was much in there. They actually had a really nice selection of bits and bobs. In the end, I bought these two gorgeous headbands. I thought because I've now got a fringe, headbands would look really nice in my hair and I'd wear them a lot, during the day and evening! These are more evening ones and I want to get some elasticated ones just for the day too :) what do you think of them?
White one: £7.00, Black one with bow: £6.00

Friday, 25 January 2013

...Recent Purchases

Hey girls! Been really busy recently, I went swimming last night with my boyfriend which was so exhausting, like I haven't had any excercise since waaaay before Christmas and I was knackered after like half a length. Definitely need to sort that out haha. Anyway, pay day time yay :) I got a loveeely pay cheque at the end of this month so I'm a really happy bunny. I thought I'd treat my self to a few bits! Starting with the bag, I don't actually need a new bag (I never do) I just seem to buy them for no reason whatsoever as I'm such an addict. But I did want a bigger size bag, so I can fit more in such as my SLR camera for when I go out places, and I love big bags too, they're like my comfort blanket. I just adore the colour of it and the studded detail was what mae me want it so much! You can find this here, from The leggings are high waisted, also from prettylittlething and I've wanted some like these for a while because they're more like jodhpurs and the colour beiege is also on trend. Then I bought this beautiful knitted jumper, from boohoo only £18, such a bargain right!? It's an oversized jumper and I picked the colour coral because I always seem to wear quite plain and boring colours and I thought this would brighten up my wardrobe during the spring :) I love it!
Then just the general boring bits, I bought new brushes for my foundation and blusher because they were getting really grubby and the hairs kept falling out and landing on my skin which was horrible haha, so that was a well needed buy! I needed some new mascara as well because mine was running out, and I thought I'd try a new one instead of the same old type. It's called lash accelorator by Rimmel and it was £6.99, when I give it a go I'll let you know and give you review on it :) I then bought some new impulses because the ones I recieved at Christmas have all ran out somehow!? I go through them so quickly haha so I bought two to last me a couple of months :) which are new scents that I haven't tried yet! Lastly, I keep seeing the advert on TV with Cheryl Cole advertising the L'Oreal Elnett styling spray and it looks so good, especially for hair like mine! There were three different types, one for curls, straight hair and volume. I picked the one for volume as that's what I always want for my hair, haven't tried it yet but I will do very soon and will keep you all updated on it :) oh and this is the outfit I'm going to wear tomorrow as I've got a wedding photography course in the morning from 9:30-1:30 which will be fun! Slightly nervous but it should be fine! Wish me luck :) would love to know what you all think of my purchases? :) thanks lovelies.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

...Nail Collection

Hiya! As you can see I've had a little blog make-over as I got a bit fed up with my old one and I felt as though it didn't look professional enough. So now I've decided on this which I'm reaaaally pleased with and love! What do you guys think? Anyway I thought I'd take a few snaps of my nail varnish collection to show you all as that's one thing you haven't all seen yet! For christmas I got this purple Gok Wan case which was full of his new smellies, such as shower gel, body butter which smell incredible! I don't usually keep them in the box as I end up putting them by the shower or on my dressing table (because it makes it look pretty haha). So I had this box to spare and wasn't so sure what to keep inside! Then I thought, I have an overflowing tiny basket full of nail varnishes which was getting all tattered and worn, so instead I thought I'd transfer them all into here :) and as you can see, most of my nail varnishes are pink, which I really need to sort out haha. I'm so glad I did because it's so easy now and it's also good for storage space too! I don't just keep nail varnishes inside, I also keep my Cath Kidston hand cream and scrub in there, as well as nail files too :) what do you all think?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Hey girls! How are you? I went to meet my friend last night who I hadn't seen for a long time which was so nice! We went for dinner and drinks at TGI Fridays as it's one of my favourite places to eat because the food is just so yummy and the cocktails are lush! I didn't really know what to wear because it's freeeeeezing cold outside but in the resturaunt it's boiling! In the end I decided on my new Monochrome collar top from Boohoo (only £25) which I only got a couple of months ago and have hardly worn because I didn't have anything decent to really wear it with but I really like it, especially that the collar and the black trimmings are leather. Monochrome is a massive trend this season so I thought it would be perfect :) especially with my new black skinny jeans! I like wearing plain colours out like that, especially black and white because I think it's classy. I paired it with my brown suede high boots with studds on and some gold earrings, then obviously my leather jacket as I didn't want to freeze to death outside! What do you guys think of it? :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Make-Up Trends

I really want to keep up with the trends this year, especially for make-up as I'm always trying out new things and I love being experimental! I've gone with the hair trend too this season and that's a fringe which I'm really glad I've done! I don't wear masses of make-up because to be honest, I'm actually afraid to try out the new trends that come out because I don't ever think I'll suit them and I'd look strange with them haha. I never wear eye shadow, not even when I go out on the town and I really want to start doing that as that will bring out the colour of my eyes a bit more, it will also look nice now with my new fringe. I just need to know how to do it right. I've tried different colour lipsticks too and let's just say, I definitely know after experience what colours suit me and what ones don't! For example, red looks dreadful on me and dark colours do as well. I usually wear light pink or coral colours as I feel as though they suit me better :) I was looking on the VOGUE website on the beauty page and there are so many beautiful ones! Here are my favourite styles for S/S 2013 :)
Attention Grabbing Eyes - Chanel
Colour Pop - Giles
The Lower Lash Line - Diane von Furstenberg
Sixties - Marc Jacobs
I definitely want to try out some of these at some point! My favourite one definitely has to be the attention grabbing eyes by Chanel which I really want to try! Whats your favourite? Oh and one last thing, I went on an online shopping spree as I need some retail therapy and bought a new bag, jumper and leggings, when they arrive I will post them on here straight away and show you all! Literally can't wait for the little package to come in the post :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

...January Wishlist

Hey Guys! Been stuck in all day and couldn't get to work because we have so much snow yay! I physcially couldn't drive in it as it was too ridiclous so I had the day off to relax which was really nice. I love the snow, even though it is such an inconvenience it still looks pretty :). As you can see I've had a bit of a blog make over as I got bored of my previous background as I've had it so long, what do you think of the new one? :) I love to change it around and get artistic and I really like it and it also has my favourite colours! Anyway, I was browsing the internet the other day like you do, and I'm not sure if any of you have heard of it, but I've found a new clothing website called PrettyLittleThing, but I'm so glad I found it as I absolutely love it and the fashions are so up my street! The prices are also pretty average and surprisingly quite cheap which is sooo good and the sale items are also quite impressive. I know for a fact I'm going to end up spending a lot of money haha. You should definitely go and check it out if you haven't already!
Anyway, Topshop is still my favourite shop ever and nothing is ever going to change that, so here's a little wishlist of what I want this month with some of the 'new in' items.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

...New Hair & Nails

Hey girls! In the previous post I was talking about getting my hair cut and getting a full fringe and dying it a little bit darker. Well her it is! :) I absolutely loooooooove it, I'm so happy with how it turned out as I was a bit worried as my hair is so thick and annoying and never goes how I want it. I love having a fringe, I haven't had one in years and I really fancied a change as I got bored with my normal hair. I also love having a fringe because I can style it in lots of different ways, I can curl my hair and still have the fringe, same with straightening it and even putting it up in a high pony tale with the fringe down! My hair sits quite nice naturally as well so luckily I don't have to style my fringe every day. Luckily I didn't have to pay to have my hair done as my mum is a hairdresser so I only put a tenner towards the hair colour and that's it yay! What do you guys think of it? Would love to know :)

I then thought, as I've had my hair done, I fancied changing my nails as well and having a bit of a pamper day :) I decided to get a bit more creative with my nails other than just painting them normally. Again, it's BarryM which is my favourite brand to use for nail varnish, it's a peach colour and then I thought I'd add the gold glitter to paint over the top to make it a look a little more girly and sparkly. I didn't want to have winter nails because I like to think about Spring when we're in January (even though it's stupidly cold) and I think they turned out quite well :) Once I get a new job and things, I'm also thinking about getting fake acrylic nails as I really like them. I obviously won't get the ridiculously massive chavvy ones, I'd get nice ones where I can keep them on but just paint them myself, has anybody had acyrlics? If so are they any good? :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

...Perfume Review

Hey lovelies! How is everyone? Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, I've been busy working and in the evenings I've been spending time with my boyfriend and looking at holidays, exciting! :) I've also been discussing hair styles with my mum (as she's a hairdreser), I'm getting a full fringe!!! Eeeeeeep, way too excited, I'm having my hair cut and coloured today so I will post a photograph of my hair and post about it and show you all! Fingers crossed it doesn't go wrong! I'm so excited :) Anyway as I have a day off today, I thought I'd post a review on the two perfumes I got for christmas, I love them both they smell absolutely amazing and are so fresh! I got two different types of perfumes, one from my mum and one from my boyfriends mum and I can never decide which one I want to wear are they're both so lovely!
This is the perfume my boyfriends mum got me from The Body Shop, called Moroccan Rose with a matching shower gel as well which both smell divine! Considering it's not a really expensive perfume or brand, the scent lasts the whole day and I don't have to keep re applying it which is amazing! I especially love how I have a matching shower gel because if I'm just lazing indoors all day and don't wear any perfume, I still smell of Moroccan Rose :) As I got two perfumes, this is the one I wear during the day doing everyday things, such as going to work, shopping and seeing the boyfriend etc as I save the expensive perfume for nights out and special occassions. I know for a fact this perfume isn't going to last long because I love it sooo much, and may have to pop into The Body Shop and purchase another one when it runs out! I definitely recommend this if you like quite a sweet, girly, fresh scent which isn't too strong.

All you bloggers might definitely recognise this perfume! The most famous, DOT by Marc Jacobs. I specifically put this on my christmas list because I'm such a big fan of his perfumes! I've previously had Daisy which I love and always run out of so this year I thought I'd try something different and I'm SO glad I did. It's kinda weird because I asked for it even though I didn't know what it smelt like, I just thought the box and the bottle looked pretty (I always seem to do that) and I also thought, I've never smelt a horrible Marc Jacbos perfume anyway so what have I got to lose! My mum got me this one, and it's only the small bottle because they're so pricey which I completely understand :) As you can see by the photo, I've used a little bit of it so far because I really want to save it for special occassions and things. It's such a good perfume and for the price it is, I don't want to waste it and wear it everyday and it being gone in a couple of months! It also looks pretty on my dressing table, I love the designs of his bottles I think they're so quirky as well :) Overall though, I definitely recommend this perfume to ANYONE who is looking for a decent one that lasts a long time but smells amazing. It's quite a strong scent and you don't need to spray loads on because only a couple of sprays does the trick which is fantastic :)
 Is there any perfumes that you girls recommend or like? :)