Wednesday, 5 December 2012

...Ohhh if only I was rich

Mulberry is my favourite designer brand, especially for bags and purses and my ultimate dream is to own a classic mulberry bag and if it means saving up forever, I will do it! I was browsing on the website the other day and came across a section called 'gifts' and they have so many gorgeous gifts such as keyrings, purses, belts, bags, bracelets, tablet cases and so many more, for christmas which I wish I could afford! One day, I would love to own a whole wardrobe and drawer full of Mulberry acessories and jewellery, my life would be complete haha! Here are some of my favourites :)
1. Keyring: £60/ 2. Belt: £125/ 3. Rivet keyring: £70/ 4. Enamel Bangle: £165/ 5. Stud Glove: £165/ Chain Bracelet: £150


  1. I absolutely love Mulberry! I was bought the silver heart key ring a couple of years ago for my 18th birthday and it's so cute :)
    Yasmin x