Monday, 31 December 2012

...My Christmas

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my Christmas this year was so busy I literally didn't have any time, and then of course I went away to Bath with my boyfriend for a couple of days, and then came back with a horrible sickness bug which was awful! Anyway, I hope you all had fabulous christmas!? I certainly did :) it was definitely one of the best christmas' ever for me, the whole family were round, the food was absolutely amazing and I got spoilt rotten! I did so well present wise this year I was actually in shock! I got tickets to go to Harry Potter World (because I'm a massive nerd and loooovee HP) the leather jacket with the fur collar from Topshop that I always blogged about, lots of lovely clothes which I shall show you, pretty underwear, snood, scented candles, purse, lots of little bits and pieces for my bedroom, perfume, pandora necklace from my boyfriend, nail varnishes and lots of other girly bits and bobs which I love! :)
Me and my sister always get really excited for Christmas, so we started off by waking up at 7:45 (early I know) and ran downstairs like little kids, to see a sack full of presents each! It was quite a nice chilled out day which is what we all needed! My nan and grandad came round for christmas lunch which was literally the most I've eaten in ages, I love Christmas food and for me it's one of the best bits! I've definitely eaten waaaayyyy too much this christmas and have a massive food belly haha. I'm not going to post a photograph of every single Christmas present I got as that would take WAAAY too long, but here are a few photos of some of my favourite clothes/accessories that I recieved and I'd love to know what you think, (my mum has such good taste and knows my style so well) :)

Also, mine and my boyfriends trip to Bath was so nice! I love Bath so much, it's such a lovely place. The buildings and scenery are so beautiful and we stayed in our own appartments which we hired out as well, so nice! It was right in the town center as well so we were near the shops, the Baths and all the pups/resturaunts. It was like we were living in our own flat! It was definitely a break away that we needed as we're constantly around other people and we just wanted time alone. It was also to celebrate out 3 years of being together which is so inredible, never expected us to last this long to be perfectly honest haha and I hope there's many more happy years to come! I will post some photographs that I took later on, but to be honest I didn't really take that many because as the weather was so crap and constantly raining, I didn't really want to get my camera wet as it's pretty expensive! If you haven't been to Bath, I definitely recommend going because the shops are AMAZING. It puts the shops where I live to shame haha because there's so much selection and they're a lot bigger! I did annoy my boyfriend a little bit by going a little crazy at the shops. He didn't really understand as he's not a massive shopping fan so he didn't understand why I was so excited haha. I did however, purchase a pair of black skinny jeans from TOPSHOP which I have wanted for a while and I thought they'd go nice with my new leather jacket that I got for Christmas!

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing christmas time and got all the presents and gifts you wished for :) happy new year too, try not to get too drunk this evening! :)


  1. Nice Gifts! Kisses Kristina