Monday, 3 December 2012

...Hello December

December already!? Ahhh it's come around so quick and I'm so happy because I can't wait for next year and I'm really excited for plans and things! I'm also really excited for christmas this year (I'm like a little child) and I literally have no idea why? Maybe because I'm a massive food lover and that's definitely the best part about christmas! This month is going to fly by as well because I'm working a lot which is good and I'm also going to Bath for a weekend with my boyfriend just after christmas which is going to be beautiful! A lot of people are stuck on what to buy their friends/family/secret santa or even little stocking fillers this year. So, on this post I want to give you all a hand with different ideas and it's also a great excuse for me to browse on different websites at pretty gifting ideas :)
1. Cath Kidston Hand Balm Trio, ASOS/ You can't go wrong with hand balm trios, especially Cath Kidston as the scents are so beautiful. It's also averagely priced so it would be great for either secret santa or a little stocking filler. I'm a huge fan of Cath Kidston so I wouldn't mine waking up to this christmas morning in my stocking :)
2. Nails Inc, ASOS/ This set of nail varnishes are so cute, and the colours are also on trend which definitely helps for winter! Nail varnishes are always a great gift for christmas and I think if they come in a little box like this, it's even better!
3. Christmas cake kit, TOPSHOP/ I think this cake kit is such a cute idea for a little stocking filler. Cupcakes during the christmas period are very popular and this kit comes with little cupcake cases and sweet little decorations to put on top! My sister loves making cupcakes and she would love this as a little gift :)
4. Glaze Lipgloss, TOPSHOP/ Any item of make up as a christmas gift is lush but for me, but I think lipgloss is the best because you can get all sorts of colours and shades and it's a gift which would last a while and would save you buying your own! This colour especially is great for different christmas events, such as a christmas party, or even going on long forest walks.
5. T-Light candles, Urban Outfitters/ For a little stocking filler, I think scented candles are great! If you get a set like this one, you can't really go wrong because it comes with a nice selection of scents. They also look really pretty, as they have been made to look like flowers and these would jazz up any room during christmas :)
6.  Keep calm book, River Island/ A book or even little joke books for christmas are always fun to get! This one caught my eye because I really like the 'Keep calm...' slogan.
7. Hand Warmers, River Island/ I would definitely love to get a pair of hand warmers for christmas because during the winter season, my hands get freezing! To put these in your coat pockets would be so lovely when out shopping or going for walks and things! I also really like how they're ladybirds, they look so cute :)
8. Sweet Bomb, Next/ Just as a little stocking filler, a sweet bomb is always a good idea, for both genders too! My boyfriend would like these as it comes with loads of different types of sweeties and I also really like the packaging as well. You can never have enough sweets during christmas!
9. Vintage floral make up case, Matalan/ If you get make up for christmas, I definitely think it's always good to buy a make up bag to go with it. This one in particular from Matlan I really like because it comes with a little compact mirror and I like the vintage floral pattern :)


  1. Some beautiful gifts there, I love the hand warmer, how bloody cute!

  2. The hand warmers are so cute :)

  3. Jess, I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog today, the hand balm trio and the hand warmers so perfect for my secret Santa. You're a lifesaver girl! Lovely blog, you've got a new follower here x

  4. Nice post, have you tried the topshop lipsticks as well? they are so amazing :) x

  5. Hi there, great ideas in this selection, love the pretty candles, you have a great mix of posts on your blog :)

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  7. Hi Jessie, thanks so much for visiting me back, and for the follow....following you too now :) x

  8. I think I need those Ladybug Hand warmers in my life ASAP! so cute.. ive also tagged you in 'The blogger tag' btw :) xx

  9. Great post :)

    love char_beyy xx