Monday, 31 December 2012

...My Christmas

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my Christmas this year was so busy I literally didn't have any time, and then of course I went away to Bath with my boyfriend for a couple of days, and then came back with a horrible sickness bug which was awful! Anyway, I hope you all had fabulous christmas!? I certainly did :) it was definitely one of the best christmas' ever for me, the whole family were round, the food was absolutely amazing and I got spoilt rotten! I did so well present wise this year I was actually in shock! I got tickets to go to Harry Potter World (because I'm a massive nerd and loooovee HP) the leather jacket with the fur collar from Topshop that I always blogged about, lots of lovely clothes which I shall show you, pretty underwear, snood, scented candles, purse, lots of little bits and pieces for my bedroom, perfume, pandora necklace from my boyfriend, nail varnishes and lots of other girly bits and bobs which I love! :)
Me and my sister always get really excited for Christmas, so we started off by waking up at 7:45 (early I know) and ran downstairs like little kids, to see a sack full of presents each! It was quite a nice chilled out day which is what we all needed! My nan and grandad came round for christmas lunch which was literally the most I've eaten in ages, I love Christmas food and for me it's one of the best bits! I've definitely eaten waaaayyyy too much this christmas and have a massive food belly haha. I'm not going to post a photograph of every single Christmas present I got as that would take WAAAY too long, but here are a few photos of some of my favourite clothes/accessories that I recieved and I'd love to know what you think, (my mum has such good taste and knows my style so well) :)

Also, mine and my boyfriends trip to Bath was so nice! I love Bath so much, it's such a lovely place. The buildings and scenery are so beautiful and we stayed in our own appartments which we hired out as well, so nice! It was right in the town center as well so we were near the shops, the Baths and all the pups/resturaunts. It was like we were living in our own flat! It was definitely a break away that we needed as we're constantly around other people and we just wanted time alone. It was also to celebrate out 3 years of being together which is so inredible, never expected us to last this long to be perfectly honest haha and I hope there's many more happy years to come! I will post some photographs that I took later on, but to be honest I didn't really take that many because as the weather was so crap and constantly raining, I didn't really want to get my camera wet as it's pretty expensive! If you haven't been to Bath, I definitely recommend going because the shops are AMAZING. It puts the shops where I live to shame haha because there's so much selection and they're a lot bigger! I did annoy my boyfriend a little bit by going a little crazy at the shops. He didn't really understand as he's not a massive shopping fan so he didn't understand why I was so excited haha. I did however, purchase a pair of black skinny jeans from TOPSHOP which I have wanted for a while and I thought they'd go nice with my new leather jacket that I got for Christmas!

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing christmas time and got all the presents and gifts you wished for :) happy new year too, try not to get too drunk this evening! :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

...2 more sleeps

Hi girls! Only 2 more sleeps now till christmas! Yay, which means only one more shift at work for me and then I'm done for a week, cannot wait! I'm going to Bath on the 27th with my boyfriend for a couple of days to celebrate our 3 year anniversary so that is going to be so lush as well! So looking forward to next week :) Has anyone else got any plans over the christmas holidays? As you can see, there's a recurring theme throughout most of the coats I've picked, fur collars. I LOVE them, I have a leather jacket already so I might buy a seperate fur collar that I can just place over the top of it as there's no point buying a new coat now really as I've only had mine a year now roughly.
1. Khaki faux fur collar jacket/ River Island - I really love this jacket because it's so wintery. The colour of it, is amazing and will go with basically everything and the fur collar just makes it that little bit more sophisticated and stylish :) I also really like the maroon lining inside the coat, so when you roll up the sleeves or anything, it will show and I really think the khaki and maroon go together really nicely, and they are the perfect winter colours to look for in a coat.
2. Fur collar biker jacket/ TOPSHOP - This jacket is on my wishlist and has been on there for a while now! I love leather jackets and the fur collar is a bonus :) I also like how it looks quite fitted, and will be suitable for anything to go underneath it! Want, want want!
3. Cream fur collar coat/ New look - This coat isn't something I'd usually go for, but I really like this because the style of it is so sophisticated! The colour is beautiful and very wintery, but the only downside is that it would get dirty quite easily. This coat would look great with a pair of burgundy skinny jeans, some black wedge boots and a cute wooly hat! :)
4. Khaki military jacket/ Lavish Alice - I know this coat doesn't have a fur collar and it isn't massively wintery. But, for some strange reason I actually really like it! It's not my style at all or something I'd ever usually pick out, but I just think it's really unique and I like the colour combination between the khaki and the gold sleeves - they make it slightly more glam! :)
5. Military coat/ Miss Selfridge - This coat is so gorgeous! I love the colour as it's a really dark grey but has a really nice texture to it too. The gold buttons really stand out and I adore the fur collar, it just makes this coat waaaaaaaay prettier! I wouldn't have picked out this coat if it wasn't for the fur collar. Love, love, love.

Friday, 21 December 2012

...My favourite winter jumpers

I have my laptop back! YAYYY, after a whole month of it being sent off for repair, it's all fixed and brand new! I didn't like using my sisters because I couldn't really save my own pictures on there so I can finally take more of my own photographs for you guys :) Anyway, only 4 more sleeps till christmas! Excited? YES. I swear I get more and more excited every year it's quite weird! I don't think it helps that my boyfriend also gets excited haha. Is everyone else all prepared and ready? As it's the winter season, I thought I'd show you some photographs of my favourite jumpers in my wardrobe, I have so many it's ridiculous and don't even wear them all! I just love to be warm in the winter, for me there's nothing worse than being freezing cold as that ruins everything as I feel the cold quite easily :(

 Miss Selfridge: £35
 Next: £32
 Urban Outfitters: £40
 Topshop: £35
 H&M: £25

I'd love to know what you all thought of them :) Please drop me a comment and I promise I'll read them all!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

...Essential Winter Accessories

All items can be found on the winter accessories section on the Topshop website :)
Hey girls, hows everyone? I have been really busy working at the moment because of christmas and things, working in retail is CRAZY so I'm sorry in advance for the lack of posts just incase I don't do many over the next couple of days! On the other hand, all my christmas shopping and wrapping is DONE! Finished everything, I have never been this organised at christmas I'm actually loving it. I have one day off a week, and last week it was Saturday so I spent the whole day wrapping my presents then (it took me so long because I decorated them and made them all look really pretty!) again, something I've never done before haha and I'm so pleased with them :)
I love winter accessories, because they can make a boring outfit look a lot more interesting and it adds a lot more texture too with all the pretty fabrics! These accessories are the main ones I think that everyone needs this time of year, for warmth but also to look trendy. As you can see by my colour scheme, I don't exactly wear bright accessories for winter, I like to stick with quite plain colours such as nude, brown, black, white and grey, just because they'd go with pretty much everything and they're also more to my style :) I hope you like my pieces! A hot drink is also essential during the winter period, whether you're out and about or sat indoors infront of the fire, a cup of tea is my choice any day! Would love to hear from you, I really appreciate and read everyones comments so don't be shy! Also one last thing, 101 followers! THANK YOU everyone who has followed and commented, love you all!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

...BarryM haul

First things first, 97 followers!!?? Thank you so much everyone! I've only had my blog now for a month and this is such a big achievement for me, I'm so happy :) I never thought this would happen. Only 3 more to 100 so please share my blog around, would love to hear from new people!
I really fancied some christmassy nails so I thought I'd go on a spending spree :) Most of my nail varnishes are pinks, purples and colours like that! I don't really have any different types of nail varnishes, they're all quite basic and plain as I'm not very good at nail art, (wish I was!) so I wanted to try something different. I went into my local town on Saturday as that was my day off and went into Superdrug and was pleasently surprised by the selection! BarryM especially, it was amazing! I was in the shop for aaaagesss trying to decide what colours to get as I want to alternate. I came up with these, rasberry and the gold sparkle because I think they go great together and aren't the typical christmas colours and I'm so pleased with how they've turned out :)
The rasberry one was really easy to apply and only needed 2 layers because it was quite thick, the brush was also really easy to use and the hairs in the brush weren't moulting which they usually do and it's so annoying! It was only £2.99 which I think is such a bargain for BarryM and if you spend £6 or over on the nail varnishes you get a really ultimate sparkly one for free which is lush!
The gold sparkly one was again, really good to apply but it needed a lot of layers as it is pure glitter so it's quite thin. I think I only applied 3 layers quite thickly and then put a base coat over the top to make it more shiny! This is my favourite nail varnish and I'm going to keep applying it until christmas as I think it's the perfect pattern/texture and in the daylight it's sooo sparkly and pretty which I love :)

Friday, 14 December 2012

...Winter Whites

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been super busy with working and things as it's coming up to christmas! I saw that boohoo have a new collection with all things white! I love wearing this colour, especially on a night out because it's so feminine but the only downside is that it gets dirty really easily! Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the website :)
1. Crochet dress: £20/ 2. Peplum dress: £25/ 3: Bodysuit: £12/ 4. Peplum top: £20/ 5. Esther flare dress: £20/ 6. Fishtail peplum top: £15

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

...Cosy Bedroom

Hey girlies :) how are you all? My bedroom is extremely cosy in the winter! Mainly because my bed is full of soft pillows which is the best feeling ever, and I like to light my 'pink sands' yankee candle as it smells gorgeous! I also love the fairy lights around my bed, I've had them for about 2 years now and got them for christmas and I love them because they're different to the usual ones. They're actually fabric flowers and are a really nice texture, I also love the colour because it matches my room and bed covers! :) Above my bed I have fabric lettering spelling out 'Love' (from the Range) which I got for christmas last year, I always ask for little things for my room and this was one of them! It just finishes it off perfectly and I think it's really pretty! I also wanted to show you guys my heart shaped jewellery holder, I've had this for years now and I love it! I have another whole jewellery box and another little holder as I own waaaaay too much jewellery and I definitely need a sort out haha! I also love my bedside table, it's sooo cosy and it all matches which I love :) Sorry if I've completely bored you all with this post, but I wanted to post something different and more personal, hope you like it!

Monday, 10 December 2012

...December wishlist

Topshop is my favourite store, online as well! Even though it is christmas in a couple weeks I still like to have a little browse at things I might want with any christmas money or vouchers I may get! I'm not going to put any of this on my christmas list because my mums already done the christmas shopping so it's a bit late haha, but I definitely want to purchase a few of these bits to start off next year! I just also love browsing on the Topshop website because it gives me so much inspiration and
the clothes and accessories are just simply amazing!
1. LA Tshirt/TOPSHOP - I know it's quite a plain tee, but thats why I like it. With a pair of skinny jeans, a leather jacket and some bold, gold jewellery this would look perfect! This is also one of my favourite colours to wear, I really like grey because it goes with anything and it flatters my figure. It would be great for any occassion too, shopping, meeting friends, or even a casual walk in the park! I definitely want to get this :)
2.  Tartan scarf/ TOPSHOP - Tartan is a very big pattern this season and is huge on the catwalk! I've always been into tartan but was never sure how to pull it off. Instead of wearing a main item of clothing thats tartan, such as a pair of shorts or a dress, I thought adding this scarf to any outfit would instantly make it on trend and I love it! I also really like the thickness of it.
3. Knitted neck jumper/TOPSHOP - I like all types of knitted jumpers, from thick wolly granny jumpers to ones like this! Again, this colour is very flattering for my figure so thats a bonus, but I also love the jewelled detail along the neckline as it adds instant sparkle to an outfit :) I would pair this jumper with patterened leggings or a leather skirt and I think it's a great winter piece!
4. Leggings/TOPSHOP - I looove these rubber leggings, especially with the embellishment detail at the bottom of them. Again, they will make any outfit look glamorous and sexy! These leggings would be great for a night out and even during the day paired with a black knitted jumper and an oversized handbag! I definitely think I'm going to purchase these, adore them :)
5. Lipstick/ TOPSHOP - I have been wanting a lipstick in this colour for ages now! They never have the one I want in shops like superdrug or boots, they're a different shade and I'm very picky haha. I love light pink lipstick and it will suit my complexion and skin tone quite well I think. It's such a feminine colour and it would look great on a night and I'd probably wear it during the day too!
6. Eyelet collar/ TOPSHOP - I have a lot of tops which I feel as though look quite boring and a necklace just doesn't seem to jazz it up a bit, such as my peplum top. I think a collar like this would look sooooooo nice on any plain top and especially a knitted jumper with no collar as this can be added! It's also a really pretty colour and I love the pattern. Not sure if I'd suit this look, but I think it's worth a try :)
7. Chanel nail varnish/ CHANEL - I've always wanted a little selection of Chanel nail varnishes because I'm a massive fan of painting my nails and making them look pretty. I have so many brands and I would love an expensive nail varnish that doesn't need much applying :) They have such a beautiful selection of colours I wouldn't know where to start!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

...Deck the halls with bells of holly

 Hey girls! I came home from work today at 2 and we put up our christmas decorations! We whacked out the classic christmas CD that we use every year and it was so festive! It's put me in such a christmassy mood, me and my sister decorated the tree with a gold colour scheme and my parents put up the lights and did all the technical, boring bits! I sat and wrote all my christmas cards with the christmas music on too and put on the film Elf, one of my favourite christmas films EVER. Definitely getting a bit too excited for christmas at the moment! Here are some photographs of some of the decorations around the house :)

Always tease my dog on christmas day! Hope you like the pictures, would love to hear from you all! :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

...Christmas shopping

On Tuesday I went christmas shopping with my mum in town, big mistake, it was SO busy! I love christmas shopping because I love the atmosphere with the christmas music, markets, food, and the pretty decorations and it puts me in a really great mood! I've finally finished everything, all I've got left now is to wrap - I know, organised? I'm never like this, every year I leave it till last minute but I think I've finally learnt my lesson this year :) I didn't really know what to wear because it was freezing cold outside, but in the shopping center I know it was going to be absolutely boiling! So I didn't really want to wear a coat because I'd be too hot indoors and I hate carrying things around. So instead I wore this pretty blouse, with my leggings, suede high heeled boots and my leather jacket :) let me know what you think!
The blouse is actually from New Look, £35 and I bought it last September. They had quite a few colours too such as white, black, cream but I always wear those colours so I thought I would get a light pink as it's really pretty. I love the detail in the lace and I also love the shape of it! I'm not really a fan of massively baggy clothing as I feel as though a women should flatter their figure, but this top sits really nicely. It's also easy to wear with things, for example during the day it looks great with a pair of black skinny jeans, rolled up at the bottom with some dolly shoes. But in the evening, it would look great with some wet look leggings and killer heels :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

..Pump it up

Everything: Missguided
Hey girls! Hows everyone? I have Missguided on facebook and when they popped up with this post I was in awe! They have a new brand of pumps which have come in a new selection of colours and I love them! I'm not one to wear a lot of bright colours, I usually wear beige, black, nude, navy etc and these shoes are so perfect for my style! The colours and style of the pumps can basically go with anything which is another thing that I love. They'd look great with skinny jeans, skirt/shorts and tights, dresses and even leggings. I may have to purchase some because they will fit in great with my wardrobe :)
They're all £19.99 as well which is pretty cheap considering how pretty they are, in Topshop they'd probably be double the price! I'm also not usually into patterns like these, such as the crosses which aren't really me, but I really like them on these shoes because the colour and style makes them look more feminine. Same with the moustache motif and peace and love but on these shoes they look so cute! They're also great for summer as well as winter because they would look really cute worn with a little floral playsuit or summer dress! The only thing is, I prefer trying on shoes than ordering online because I have really weird feet and they might not fit, but these are an exception, definitely going to order a pair! What do you guys think? Would love to hear from you all :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

...Ohhh if only I was rich

Mulberry is my favourite designer brand, especially for bags and purses and my ultimate dream is to own a classic mulberry bag and if it means saving up forever, I will do it! I was browsing on the website the other day and came across a section called 'gifts' and they have so many gorgeous gifts such as keyrings, purses, belts, bags, bracelets, tablet cases and so many more, for christmas which I wish I could afford! One day, I would love to own a whole wardrobe and drawer full of Mulberry acessories and jewellery, my life would be complete haha! Here are some of my favourites :)
1. Keyring: £60/ 2. Belt: £125/ 3. Rivet keyring: £70/ 4. Enamel Bangle: £165/ 5. Stud Glove: £165/ Chain Bracelet: £150

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

...Laine blogger award

When I recieved an email from blogspot this morning saying somebody had commented on one of my posts nominating me for the Laine blogger award I was so happy! I've only had this blog now for 3 weeks and to have an award and 51 followers for me is a great achievement :) I would like to thank Shikin Kikin for nominating me, go check out her blog!

(1) Tag the blogger who awarded you.
(2) Answer the five questions below.
(3) Award 5 more bloggers the Laine blogger award.

Questions and Answers:
(1) What is your current beauty obsession?
Rimmel London non-stop glamour lipgloss.

(2) Which is one beauty item you wished you owned?
Chanel nail varnish.

(3) What is your favorite post to read or write about?
Mainly fashion and photography, not beauty as much. I love writing about different clothing/accessories from different stores and making outfits out of the items! I also love reading other peoples outfit ideas and posts because it gives me inspiration :)

(4) What inspired you to become a blogger?
To be honest, I started blogging when I was 15, at school doing my GCSE's thinking I knew absolutely everything about fashion. I had a break from blogging for a few years and now I'm working full time, I don't get to experiment with fashion as much, so I thought blogging about my ideas, outfits and opinions on fashion was a great way to keep it going and to keep in touch with the fashion world!

(5) Which nail polish are you wearing now?
I'm actually wearing silver nail wraps with little diamantes on from Superdrug!

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Monday, 3 December 2012

...Hello December

December already!? Ahhh it's come around so quick and I'm so happy because I can't wait for next year and I'm really excited for plans and things! I'm also really excited for christmas this year (I'm like a little child) and I literally have no idea why? Maybe because I'm a massive food lover and that's definitely the best part about christmas! This month is going to fly by as well because I'm working a lot which is good and I'm also going to Bath for a weekend with my boyfriend just after christmas which is going to be beautiful! A lot of people are stuck on what to buy their friends/family/secret santa or even little stocking fillers this year. So, on this post I want to give you all a hand with different ideas and it's also a great excuse for me to browse on different websites at pretty gifting ideas :)
1. Cath Kidston Hand Balm Trio, ASOS/ You can't go wrong with hand balm trios, especially Cath Kidston as the scents are so beautiful. It's also averagely priced so it would be great for either secret santa or a little stocking filler. I'm a huge fan of Cath Kidston so I wouldn't mine waking up to this christmas morning in my stocking :)
2. Nails Inc, ASOS/ This set of nail varnishes are so cute, and the colours are also on trend which definitely helps for winter! Nail varnishes are always a great gift for christmas and I think if they come in a little box like this, it's even better!
3. Christmas cake kit, TOPSHOP/ I think this cake kit is such a cute idea for a little stocking filler. Cupcakes during the christmas period are very popular and this kit comes with little cupcake cases and sweet little decorations to put on top! My sister loves making cupcakes and she would love this as a little gift :)
4. Glaze Lipgloss, TOPSHOP/ Any item of make up as a christmas gift is lush but for me, but I think lipgloss is the best because you can get all sorts of colours and shades and it's a gift which would last a while and would save you buying your own! This colour especially is great for different christmas events, such as a christmas party, or even going on long forest walks.
5. T-Light candles, Urban Outfitters/ For a little stocking filler, I think scented candles are great! If you get a set like this one, you can't really go wrong because it comes with a nice selection of scents. They also look really pretty, as they have been made to look like flowers and these would jazz up any room during christmas :)
6.  Keep calm book, River Island/ A book or even little joke books for christmas are always fun to get! This one caught my eye because I really like the 'Keep calm...' slogan.
7. Hand Warmers, River Island/ I would definitely love to get a pair of hand warmers for christmas because during the winter season, my hands get freezing! To put these in your coat pockets would be so lovely when out shopping or going for walks and things! I also really like how they're ladybirds, they look so cute :)
8. Sweet Bomb, Next/ Just as a little stocking filler, a sweet bomb is always a good idea, for both genders too! My boyfriend would like these as it comes with loads of different types of sweeties and I also really like the packaging as well. You can never have enough sweets during christmas!
9. Vintage floral make up case, Matalan/ If you get make up for christmas, I definitely think it's always good to buy a make up bag to go with it. This one in particular from Matlan I really like because it comes with a little compact mirror and I like the vintage floral pattern :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

...Pretty things

Hey girls hope you've all had a good weekend!? Sorry I didn't post much, I was working and it was my boyfriends birthday, so we went out for that and I started a bit of my christmas shopping too which was exciting, got most of it done which was good! I got quite a lot of my christmas presents online which is so much easier as I find christmas shopping so stressful and annoying! I really reccommend Next for little stocking fillers and things, they have so many pretty things. I ordered my secret santa present from there and also some bits and bobs for the family, (It's also really helpful because you don't have to pay it straight away, it's in monthly payments haha) In this post I thought I'd post some random and quite personal bits and bobs that I've photograhed during the weekend :) I'd love to know yours thoughts so get commenting and I will try my best to get back to you all!

Jumper/ Next £35.00 Definitely has to be my favourite jumper because of the colours! I wore this christmas shopping with a leather jacket, so it could keep me nice and warm! I also really like how the floral shirt underneath came with it and it's attached, they also have loads of other styles and colours! If you're interested, heres the link Next knitted jumper :)

As I was going out for my boyfriends birthday on the town, I wanted to jazz up my nails! So whilst I was christmas shopping, I popped into Superdrug and bought these nail wraps, they are so easy to use and they also suited my outfit perfectly :) They didn't really have many other styles which was slightly disappointing as I wanted some more christmasy/wintery ones.

This is how I had my hair and make up when I went out for my boyfriends birthday! I thought I'd share this with you all as you don't actually know what I look like haha and haven't seen a proper photograph of me! Well, voila here I am :D