Thursday, 6 December 2012

..Pump it up

Everything: Missguided
Hey girls! Hows everyone? I have Missguided on facebook and when they popped up with this post I was in awe! They have a new brand of pumps which have come in a new selection of colours and I love them! I'm not one to wear a lot of bright colours, I usually wear beige, black, nude, navy etc and these shoes are so perfect for my style! The colours and style of the pumps can basically go with anything which is another thing that I love. They'd look great with skinny jeans, skirt/shorts and tights, dresses and even leggings. I may have to purchase some because they will fit in great with my wardrobe :)
They're all £19.99 as well which is pretty cheap considering how pretty they are, in Topshop they'd probably be double the price! I'm also not usually into patterns like these, such as the crosses which aren't really me, but I really like them on these shoes because the colour and style makes them look more feminine. Same with the moustache motif and peace and love but on these shoes they look so cute! They're also great for summer as well as winter because they would look really cute worn with a little floral playsuit or summer dress! The only thing is, I prefer trying on shoes than ordering online because I have really weird feet and they might not fit, but these are an exception, definitely going to order a pair! What do you guys think? Would love to hear from you all :)


  1. These are all adorable. Love the 2 that are plum colored! I'm having a holiday giveaway with MAC, Nars & more if you'd like to enter

    xx Ashley

  2. love them! especially the 'peace & love' ones!

    jayj x.

  3. Love the purple mustache ones! So cute!
    -Taqhdees x

  4. Love these, super cute.
    Now following you via GFC, please follow me back:) x

  5. love them !