Thursday, 29 November 2012

...ASOS shoes & bags

Hey girlies! I was browsing through the ASOS website earlier, and I was looking through the shoes and bags because they're the main things I find really interesting to look at! (especially bags, as I definitely have an obsession) and these are my favourites. ASOS is definitely the place to look at for bags for me because they're quite an average price and they have so many gorgeous styles, to my taste especially! Here are some of my favourites :)

burgundy shoe boots: I've never really been into studds, even when they were everywhere as they're not really me! But, on these shoe boots they are an exception, these shoes are gorgeous, especially the colour. I'm a huge fan of burgundy for this season and I also love how the studds are gold, makes it more glam!
 black glitter bow flat shoes: I always wear dolly shoes, even in the winter with some skinny jeans or leggings, and I especially love these because they're so feminine and pretty. You've got to have a bit of sparkle in the christmas/winter season and these are perfect for that, I'm also a huge fan of the oversized bow!
studded platform shoe: Same as the previous boots, with the whole studds situation, I think they are beaaaautiful on these and they would definitely jazz up an evening outfit! I also love heels (not only because they make me taller as I'm pretty short) but they're so many different styles!
vans: I don't actually own a pair of Vans, which is really annoying because when they first came out, everybody went crazy for them and I didn't want to join in with the craze! I've always been into more feminine shoes but I really like these and I think I'll purchase a pair, especially the burgundy ones.
black bag: I am obsessed with bag and absolutely adore shopping for them. This one is a huge favourite of mine! I love the shape as it's very sophisticated, and it's also a reasonable size to fit things in, I'm also a huge fan of the long handles on bags as it's more comfy.
pauls boutique bag: I'm never usually into bags like this, but I love the shape for this and the colour is also really different as I only usually have black, gold or brown bags. The little tassle keyring also adds a really nice touch :)
 rabbit tassel bowler bag:This bag mainly caught my eye because I really like the big, gold rabbit logo on the front because it adds detail and I think black and gold are a great combo!
I can't seem to find the brown bag i'm afraid, it's seemed to have disappeared, sorry guys!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

...My photography

In my first year of Uni, which was last year, we had to do loads of different types of photoshoots under different briefs. I won't explain them all as I don't want to bore you to death and I'd end up going on forever! But these are some of mine and my teachers favourites as well! I'd love to know what you think? Here's a link of my flickr account if you're interested in any more of my photography too!

Cowgirl Photoshoot. Location: New Forst/ Modelled by: My sister

Floral theme photoshoot: Location: Bournemouth Beach/ Modelled by: One of my friends

'Style me like a rockstar' Modelled by: Becky Neary (mums friend)

Winter clothing.  Location: forest near my house/ Modelled by: My sister

Monday, 26 November 2012

...Cup of tea please?

Hey guys, hope you've all had a good weekend? Sorry for the lack of posts throughout the past couple of days, my laptop has decided to break so I've had to send it off to be repaired and I won't get it back for 2 weeks! So for the time being, I'm sharing my sisters which will be fun! I've also been really busy organising my boyfriends 20th birthday which is really stressing me out as I want it to be amazing, it's meant to be a surprise party this Saturday and I've arranged it all perfectly so far, I just hope people turn up! What have you guys been  up too? This is an outfit I wore out the other day to meet my friend for dinner, please let me know what you think, would be great to hear from you all :)

pink jeans: Miss Selfridge/ blouse: Zara/ quilted bag: ASOS/ wedges: Primark/ necklace: Accessorize/ bracelet: Primark/ daisy perfume: John lewis/ impulse: Superdrug

Friday, 23 November 2012

...Lavish Alice Wishlist

As I'm quite new to blogging, I've only just found out about the online shopping website called Lavish Alice and I'm completely in love with so many of the items, especially the knitwear and party dresses! I've made a little wishlist, so when I get paid, which is thankfully next week I can maybe have a splurge or possibly put some bits on my christmas list, so I don't have to buy everything myself haha! The prices are fairly average as well which is amazing, as I hate spending so much on clothes as I always end up feeling guilty!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

...Outfit Post

Hey guys! I have a job interview Saturday afternoon for New Look and I'm freaking out about what to wear! Obviously it would be essential I actually wore the New Look products because it would look more professional and I have quite a lot of their clothing anyway which is handy :) It's for a full time job and I want to make an impression and look professional but stylish too. My friend had an interview for there a couple of years a go and she wore a skirt with tights, and they said to her that she was unsuccessful because of what she was wearing - they don't like skirts! So I'm glad I've got tht covered :) I've come up with this outfit, and I'd love to know what you think as I'm not sure about it!

Peplum top: New Look/ Studded leggings: New Look/ Dolly shoes: New Look/ Kate Moss lipstick, sugerplum: Superdrug/ Oversized ring: Miss Selfridge

...Would You Rather

Hey guys, hope you're all having a good week! Just thought I'd answer aload of questions for you all just so you can get to know me a bit better, hope it's not too boring! Would love to hear what you all think, so feel free to comment! :)
About You:
Eye Color: green, but i swear they turn turquoise in the sun!?
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5,4ish, pretty short! :(
Favorite Color: definitely dark purple and peach
Screen Name: jessie, can't really get creative with my name!
Favorite Band: oo probably...Mcfly (please don't laugh or judge haha)
Favorite Movie: i can't pick one, but Harry Potter, Dirty Dancing, Love Actually...the list goes on!
Favorite TV Show: it used to be Ugly Betty, but now it's probably Don't tell the bride Friday night dinner, Inbetweeners and chat shows such as Graham Norton :)
Your Car: A navy blue Ford KA.
Your Hometown: Southampton
Your Present Town: Southampton
Your Crush's First Name: i can't remember tbh!
Your Style: feminine and quite sophisticated
Have You Ever... Sat on your rooftop: nooo, would love to though!
Kissed someone in the rain: yes
Danced in a public place: indeed
Smiled for no reason: of course :)
Laughed so hard you cried: too many times!
Written a song: nope
Sang to someone for no reason: no, if you hear my singing you'll see why!
Performed on a stage: yes
Talked to someone you don't know: yes
Made out in a theater: yes
Gone roller skating since 8th grade: 8th grade? i can't work out what age that is :(
Been in love: yes and still am!
Can You...
Write with both hands: just about, writing with my left hand is barely readable though!
Whistle: no! i really want to
Blow a bubble: yep
Roll your tongue: nope :(
Cross your eyes: kind of?
Touch your tongue to your nose: no, my tongue is tiny!
Dance: i'm not bad with a couple of drinks down me!
Speak a different language: well i did french GCSE and that was about it..
Impersonate someone: i'm awful at things like that
Cook anything: nope, definitely need to become more domesticated!
Finish The Line...
I love ... my boyfriend
I wish ...i was more confident and rich
So many people don't know ...a lot
I am ...excited for the future!
My heart is ...extremely happy

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

...Nails in Mermaid

I've gone and bought a new nail varnish from Topshop called 'Nails in Mermaid'
 which I absolutley love! The colour is definitely on trend because it's metallic but it's also really easy to apply! It's great for during the day and especially for going out in the evening as it adds a sparkle to an outfit which is always good! I don't usually wear this colour nail varnish, I usually wear pastel colours such as light pink, lilac and lime green or stick with basic manicures but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm going to admitt, I'm not the best at applying nail varnish as I'm quite scruffy, but I couldn't resist it with this colour. I was also thinking of buying some nail wraps, with different patterns and styles as they look quite fun! What do you think?!

Monday, 19 November 2012

...Winter Essentials

These items, are what I think are great winter essentials, fur, sparkle, sequins, knitwear, velvet and of course a nice hot cuppa! These could either be worn together, such as the leggings, jumper and coat, with the boots and the gold bracelet. Or the leggings could be paired with a going out top, the sequined bag and sparkly nail varnish for a going out look - perfect!

Jumper - Miss Selfridge/ Leggings - TOPSHOP/ Coat - TOPSHOP/ Boots - Motelrocks/ Sequined bag - Miss Selfridge/ Gloves - Boohoo/ Hotpants - TOPSHOP/ Nail varnish - TOPSHOP/ Bracelet - Motelrocks

...Recent Purchases

Here are some of my recent purchases which I love! As I work 5 days a week and have to wear uniform (which is why I want a job in fashion so I can wear my everday clothes and dress up), I don't really have a chance to wear all my nice clothes everyday, so when I have the oppertunity to wear them, I go all out!

white collar top: boohoo/ high waisted shorts: boohoo/ black sequined top: H&M/ snake skin leggings: Matalan/ brown suede boots: New Look/ metallic nail varnish: Topshop/ gold earrings: New Look/ necklace: Miss Selfridge/ hair clip: New Look.
Payday time and I thought I'd treat myself and splash out! (I always seem to do that anyway even when I haven't even been paid). My boots are for sure my favourite purchase, they're so comfy, make me look taller as I'm quite short and I also love the color and style. They go with absolutely everything and they make me feel good when I wear them. I also love the shorts, I usually just wear leggings, jeggings, or jeans, I never usually wear shorts or skirts unless I'm going out in the evening. But when I saw these on the website, I instantly fell in love with them! I haven't worn them yet as I haven't had an occasion, but when I do, I'll keep you all updated on what I pair with them!

...Handbags & Gladrags

I see a lot of bloggers are doing this and I thought it was a really cool idea. I'm obsessed with handbags, I literally think I have a problem and I own about 6 main bags that I actually use, so I found it quite hard to actually pick one to show you guys as I love them all!
As you can see, I don't exactly keep the most glamorous of things in my handbag! Umbrella: Superdrug, Hand gel: Superdrug, Lip balm: Bodyshop, Purse: Primark, Perfume: Bodyshop and of course the basics, Phone, Ipod, Keys and chewing gum are always important! I wanted a little diary to keep in my bag so I can write events, dates and times in there but then I thought, whats the point? I have a Blackberry and an Ipod touch and both of those have features where I could just store all of that! However, I bought ELLE magazine yesterday and it came with the £20 Dune giftcard, literally so excited to spend it!
This is what I keep in my make-up bag! I'm not the sort of person that wears loads and loads of make up as I believe in natural beauty. My make-up bag and the matching mirror: Cath Kidston, All of my make-up items are Rimmel as that's my favourite brand and it's also reasonably priced, apart from the dark grey eyeshadow which is Barry M.  So glad my make-up bag came with a mirror because when I stay round my boyfriends, he doesn't have a mirror in his bedroom so there's nowhere to do my make -up or hair, lifesaver for sure! Brushes - Superdrug.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

...Tis the season to be jolly


Here are a few bits and bobs I'd love to wake up to on chrismas morning! I didn't really ask for anything that specific this year because my mum knows my taste so well, I trust her to pick out nice things for me!
1. Purse - RIVER ISLAND: I always ask for a new purse every year, just because mine always get tattered or end up having holes in! I think this is a nice choice as it has plenty of sections and I love the colour!
2. Nail Varnish - TOPSHOP: Not something I've specifically asked for really, I just love the colour for winter! It's also on trend because it's metallic which I really like on nails.
3. Leather Jacket - TOPSHOP: I've had the same studded Topshop leather jacket now for about 3 years and I'd love an update! For some reason I really want one with a fur collar, they look so snug and warm and I also think the fur makes it look slightly more sophisticated and feminine - which is my style!
4. Ring - TOPSHOP: I've just asked for a generally big ring because I think they go with anything, they're also great for day and night which is perfect for me! I really like this one in particular because of the colour and detail.
5. Snood - TOPSHOP: I've had the same snood for about 2 years now and it's cream, I love them because they're so warm and they also look trendy and never go out of style!
6. Pyjames - TOPSHOP: I really want some pretty lace pyjames, especially these from Topshop as they're really cute (not very warm though) but that doesn't bother me!
7. Perfume - JOHN LEWIS: I'm a huge fan of Marc Jacobs perfume, I've had Daisy for the past 2 years now and I adore it. I fancy a change though so I'd like Dot. I haven't actually smelt it yet haha oopsy, (I'm sure it'll smell nice though because it's Marc Jacobs) I just love the style of the bottle!
8. Diary - CATH KIDSTON: I got a diary last year and I forgot to write in it during summer! Instead, I'd like just a journal so I can write notes, and important things and anything I like instead of having to write in it every night. This one in particular because I love the floral pattern.

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Hello everyone, I'm back! 3 years later, with a brand new, fresh, more mature blog and I'm so excited to get it going again and I hope you guys are too! It's going to be full of fashion inspiration, my own photography (as I was a fashion photography student) and lots of outfit posts of new purchases. Please feel free to comment on any of my posts, photographs as I'd love to hear everyones opinions again! The last time I wrote on this blog was when I was doing my GCSE's which was a long time a go! A lot has changed since then, went to college and studied photography and textiles, met the man of my dreams at 16 and fell in love, and studied at University for 1 year and hated the course! So I'm now in full time employment, hoping to gain lots of experience in retail as that's a huge passion of mine! I've decided to get back into blogging again because as I'm no longer a fashion student, and I work a lot, it makes me generally miss fashion and it's a huge passion of mine and I don't want that to disappear. I'll blog all the time about my life, passions and inspirations. Enjoy! :)