Sunday, 10 February 2013

...30 Facts About Me

001: My name is Jess Ellen Weaver, which means my initials spell out JEW.
002. I was born on the 4th July 1993 which means I'm 19.
003.Either me or my sister will have twins!
004. I can't burp :(
005. I've wanted to play the drums my whole life but have never had the guts to!
006. I have a weird half coloured mole on my leg.
007. I have a birth mark on my tummy.
008. Danny Jones from McFly blew me a kiss!
009. I had the oppertunity to give The Wanted a hug before they were famous but I turned it down as I didn't know who they were! Gutted.
010. I dropped out of Uni after 1 year.
011. I love mushrooms
012. I went on my first holiday with my boyfriend to Majorca.
013. I used to eat sand when I was little.
014. I need to have salad cream with Lasagne or I can't eat it, don't ask!
015. My first car is a KA (my baby)
016. I passed my driving test 4th time lucky (such a bad experience)
017. Got made redundant at the age of 17.
018. My mum accidently killed my hamster :(
019. My first ever holiday was in Portugal when I was 1.
020. I rode all the biggest rides at Disney Land Paris when I was 7.
021. I got bullied the majority of my school life.
022. I used to love Greenday!?
023. I'm obsessed with the Olsen Twins and always have been.
024. I love horror movies.
025. I'm smaller than my little sister :(
026. I did dance for 10 years and loved it!
027. I have 3 old man crushes, Bill Nighy, Robert Dinero and Steve Martin haha
028. I went parasailing in Majorca and it was incredible.
029. I spent a night in hospital with suspected appendicitis and it was actually wind! hahaha
030. I've been in love with my boyfriend since we were 16 and I still am, more than ever! :)
Hope that wasn't too boring! I would love to hear yours if you've done them :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

...Topshop Haul

Hey guys! How's everyones week been? :) I've had quite a boring week actually, had a couple of days off which I spent sat at home watching movies as it was too cold to go outside! Then I handed in my notice at work which didn't go down very smoothly, so glad it's over and done with though! Anyway, I thought I'd splash out on a few pieces from TOPSHOP (they're all online) as I start my new job there in a couple of weeks and I want a few new outfits! I got so excited when the package came through the post! I still have a lot of clothes from TOPSHOP but tbh not as many as I thought. I also thought it would be better to buy some items from the 'new in' section so when I wear them to work, people will see how popular and lovely they are :) As you can see by the photos, I have quite a neutral colour palette for the clothes I mainly wear, because I feel as though they suit me better and they also go with a lot more! For example I can mix and match a lot of these items :). This is a first post I've ever done of me actually wearing the clothes, but I thought I'd show you some of the outfits I'd be wearing. Obviously they'd both be teamed with jewellery and accessories, so these are just the basic outfits. I absolutely love the lace top and skirt, and the blazer with it also looks gorgeous! I was thinking of buying a few necklaces and rings from TOPSHOP to make the outfit look more trendy and less plain so I'll keep you updated on that :)
What do you guys think of my clothes/outfits?

Sunday, 3 February 2013

...Mini Haul

Hey girls! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's literally been a crazy but amazing week! I don't know where to start, but basically I'VE LANDED A FULL TIME JOB AT TOPSHOP! I cannot express my happiness, it's literally a dream come true of mine and I'm extremely happy as it will open so many doors for me to get into the fashion indsutry later on in life! I didn't really see any point in handing in my CV because they never have any jobs going, but literally the minute I walked in, I heard one of the shop workers say "yes we have a full time position available" I literally rushed over to her straight away and gave her my CV, thinking nothing of it. The next day I got a phone call from her asking me to go in for an interview on Saturday, which I did and I didn't think I did that well because it was extremely intense. She said she'd let me know up to 2 weeks whether I was successful or not because she had other people to interview, but literally an hour after the interview she rang me telling me I got it straight away as they were really impressed and that I'd fit in with the team well! So excited :) I start in 2 weeks time and get a uniform allowance and 25% discount! So I will be posting a lot about the clothes I buy and wishlists from there so stay tuned! Anyway, when I went to town I picked up a few little bits and bobs that I've wanted for some time :)
The first item I purchased was the Body Shop shower gel which I absolutely love! My boyfriends mum bought me this for Christmas and I absolutley love the scent, it smells so fresh and it's gorgeous! I ran out so quickly as I used so much, so I popped into Bodyshop again and bought another one and it was only £4.50, as you can see it's called 'Atlan Mountain Rose' and I definitely recommend it to everyone!
Next I bought some nail wraps from Primark. I've seen bloggers post about them before saying how lovely and cute the patterns are, and they did actually have a really nice selection! I picked the spots and flowers because they're right up my street and are really cute, especially for £1 each! But then when I applied them, they literally lasted about 1 day and that was it. They're cheap for a reason! I was going to post a photograph of my nails but by the time I was going to, they started to peel off which was annoying :( they're really pretty patterns but I wouldn't recommend!
Lastly, I bought these really cute elasticated headbands from Primark and they were also £1 each! They'd go lush with my fringe, as they have really cute bows on the top, so with my hair up in a high bun, it would look really cute and I think they'd make any outfit look good :) these are obviously more for during the day than evening and I can literally wear them wherever! I was slightly disappointed with Primark's selection, these were the only two styles they had and I was expecting more! But I still love them :) I will do a post of me wearing them at some point so keep an eye out!
What do you guys think? :)