Wednesday, 12 December 2012

...Cosy Bedroom

Hey girlies :) how are you all? My bedroom is extremely cosy in the winter! Mainly because my bed is full of soft pillows which is the best feeling ever, and I like to light my 'pink sands' yankee candle as it smells gorgeous! I also love the fairy lights around my bed, I've had them for about 2 years now and got them for christmas and I love them because they're different to the usual ones. They're actually fabric flowers and are a really nice texture, I also love the colour because it matches my room and bed covers! :) Above my bed I have fabric lettering spelling out 'Love' (from the Range) which I got for christmas last year, I always ask for little things for my room and this was one of them! It just finishes it off perfectly and I think it's really pretty! I also wanted to show you guys my heart shaped jewellery holder, I've had this for years now and I love it! I have another whole jewellery box and another little holder as I own waaaaay too much jewellery and I definitely need a sort out haha! I also love my bedside table, it's sooo cosy and it all matches which I love :) Sorry if I've completely bored you all with this post, but I wanted to post something different and more personal, hope you like it!


  1. I'm working so hard to try and make my bedroom look so cosy, especially for winter. You're is perfect. Love this lights, and clock. :)


  2. great post :)
    would like to follow each other ?:)

  3. your room looks gorgeous super cosy! x

  4. SO cozy. I wish my room looked like this!
    Grace xx

  5. Your room is so cute! I have similar fairy lights and I looove them they make my room feel cozy too haha. xx

  6. Hi!
    You have such a pretty blog :)
    Love your room, its beautiful!

  7. So pretty!


  8. Such a cute bedroom sweetheart. :)