Tuesday, 1 January 2013

...2013 Resolutions

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a great evening last night and didn't get too drunk! What did everybody get up too? I guess now is the time to start making those all important resolutions which for me, never last! But this year, I'm determined to accomplish a lot of things and I'm going to make sure of it! I want to feel like I've achieved a lot with this year and feel happy! Last year I had a lot of memories and lot of amazing things happened, such as me and my boyfriend went on our first holiday abroad, we celebrated our 3 years of being together, I made some amazing friends at University and achieved good grades, I bought my own car and the list goes on! This year, I'm hoping to achieve a lot of goals which make me happy in my life :) as I've dropped out of University, I want to get a successful job in the fashion/retail industry as that's a dream which I'm determined to do!

Lifestyle Resolutions
 - Learn how to cook properly
- Get a job doing what I love
 - Explore different places
- Use my camera a lot more and do more photoshoots
- Go to college and study another higher level of photography
- Stop spending so much time on my laptop
- Start a Mulberry savings fund ;)
- Drive to more places
Lets see how many of these are going to last! Definitely going to be interesting haha. I want this year to be one to remember and I'm going to make this happen! What's everyone elses new year resolutions? Would love to hear! So hello 2013, can't wait to share my year with you all! I'm starting to like you already :)
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  1. Good luck with the resolutions and have a happy new year!! :)


  2. I'm a new follower and just wanted a look through your resolutions! Nice list :) I want to learn to cook properly too and should probably use my camera a whole lot more as I love photography!!
    Good luck with them :) Maybe do updates on how you're getting on with them :)?

    Josie xx