Sunday, 27 January 2013

...New Headbands

Hey girls! Hope you've all had a nice weekend? :) mine has actually been really busy but quite nice. Yesterday morning I had a wedding photography course at a local college of mine and it was from 9:30-1:30 and it was really fun! I thought I'd go because I'm taking photographs for a friends wedding in the summer and I thought it would be best to go to a course (only cost about £30) to learn more about technique and things and I actually found it really interesting and fun! The only awkward thing, was that I was the youngest there :( they were literally all bout 40+ who wanted to learn about how to get into the wedding photography industry and they all had no experience whatsoever which is quite funny! But anyway, the course has now made me really excited for my friends wedding and if I enjoy it, I may do some work experience with some photographers, either wedding or normal. Then I picked my boyfriend up in the afternoon and we went shopping as he needed some new shirts for work. So I thought, whilst I'm in town I'll have a little wonder in Accessorize (as I got a £15 voucher for Christmas) and I wanted to see if there was much in there. They actually had a really nice selection of bits and bobs. In the end, I bought these two gorgeous headbands. I thought because I've now got a fringe, headbands would look really nice in my hair and I'd wear them a lot, during the day and evening! These are more evening ones and I want to get some elasticated ones just for the day too :) what do you think of them?
White one: £7.00, Black one with bow: £6.00


  1. That course sounds great! and I love the headbands! so pretty! sorry to be forward but would there be any chance that you could change the font or size of the text! I do love reading your posts but they are so hard to read!

    1. thank you! i've changed it and made it slightly bigger :) sorry about that, didn't realise!! x

  2. Cute bow headband...I used to wear bows so much back in the day...I like the bow clips you can stick wherever in your hair. RoRos World

  3. So cute:) especially the bow one x

  4. Nice picks :) Love the one with bow x

  5. The white one is so cute! And hope the photo taking for the wedding goes good :) x

  6. Check out Primark they have some nice headbands :)
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