Monday, 7 January 2013

...Recent Purchases

Hiya, how is everyone? Today was my day off so I thought I'd have a wonder round town at the sales (even though they drive me bonkers) and hand a few CV's around, starting off one of my new years resolutions! They're looking for a management trainee in Sole Trader, the shoe company so I thought it was worth a try and handed my CV in there, hoping to hear back from them! I was also searching around for AGES for some Vans in the sale as I don't really want to spend about £50 on a pair, especially as they make my feet look giant. I tried Schuh, Office and Sole Trader but unfortunately there was nothing :( however in Office, the guy that worked in there forced me to try on a pair (which weren't in the sale) and walk around in them & they didn't suit me at all. He was blatently trying to chat me up as he was chatting to me for ages, saying how nice they looked and that they suited my 'nicely shaped legs' it was pretty embarassing tbh as I couldn't leave! In the end though, I didn't end up buying any as the ones in the sale were all bright colours which wasn't really what I was looking for which is annoying :(
Although, I've wanted a chequered shirt for a while now actually, as the one I have at the moment is getting quite old and I'm going off the colour slightly. So I found this one in Primark reduced to £5!! Such a bargain, although I don't really wear bright colours that much I always stick to neutral, but when I tried this shirt on, it actually looked really nice and I think it will go well with my leather jacket and black skinny jeans! 

The I popped into H&M to look in the sales and there wasn't really much tbh. I found this cardigan though which ofc wasn't in the sale. I've wanted one like this for a while because most of mine are really thick and knitted and they don't fit under any of my jackets which is really annoying. So I bought this one, it was only £19.99 which isn't too bad for the quality and it also has the really nice elbow pad which I think makes it look slightly less plain. There were soo many choices of different colours but I thought I'd get quite a plain colour so it goes with everything :) I tried it on underneath my leather jacket and it fit perfectly which I'm sooo happy about as I can finally wear my jacket without just a t-shirt underneath and not freeze to death!


 I'd love to know what you guys think :) also, not sure if it's just me but it won't let me upload photos onto my blog, the "browse" button has gone so I can't select any photographs from my computer, has this happened to anyone else? :( it's been like this since Saturday and I was hoping it would have been fixed by now!


  1. Such a bargain! Love these items :) primark is amazing!

  2. i'll be having a look in h&m for that cardi!

  3. I love that elbow patch cardigan! So perfect for the winter weather.

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  4. That shirt is such a bargain i also loveee the elbow patched cardigan its so cute!
    I nominated you for the liebster award! To read more you can check out my post here so sorry if you've already been nominated! xx

  5. So we can all agree that the sales weren't great? :p I didn't find much either. And I hate it when the shop assistants get like that ugh its so awkward!! Xxx

  6. ahhh I love this shirt! I'm immediately drawn to chequered shirts whenever I see them in store! Just thought I would also let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award xx

  7. elbow patches. to die for!!! your blog is so cute!!

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  8. 2 very cute tops! love love love the elbow patches :)

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  9. Love the tartan shirt! I need some of those,

    Rosie x

  10. I love elbow patches, they add that little bit extra to any cardigan/jumper.

    Lindsey. x

  11. hey i've just nominated you for the liebster award - sorry if you've already been nominated!

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    katy xoxo

  12. I love that plaid shirt! Perfect for fun layering!

    I'm a new follower! :)