Wednesday, 2 January 2013

...Black Skinny Jeans

Hi bloggers! How are you all? :) On my recent trip to Bath with my boyfriend I purchased a black pair of skinny jeans from Topshop. I've actually wanted some for a while because I think they go with anything and they change the style of any outfit I figured :) I'm very picky when it comes to buying skinny jeans because I like them to be skin tight on my legs and also round my waist and as my legs are quite slim, it's quite difficult to find some that don't end up going baggy and horrible :( But these ones from Topshop are perfect, I am literally so happy I found them! They fit perfectly and sit nicely on my waist as well without having to hitch them up all the time, definitely in love! I have so many tops that go with them but they're quite old, (even though I wore my black peplum with it a couple of nights a go and it actually looked really nice) so I'm browsing on different websites for some possible new ones, and here are some of my favourites that would go nicely with them! Enjoy :)
Floral cami top: TOPSHOP/ I think a great cami top like this would look great with skinny jeans because it will make the outfit look softer. As black skinny jeans are quite hard, a light pink floral embellished top would make it more girly and sophisticated. I would definitely wear this with mine and pair it with my new leather jacket with the fur collar :)
Studded overside shirt: TOPSHOP/ I love chequered shirts, especially this one because of the colours and the detail on the shoulders. People usually see chequered shirts to be quite tomboy, but I think with the added detail, it makes the outfit look more trendy. I also love the contrast between the really tight jeans and the oversized shirt together!
Sweetheart lace peplum: Miss Selfridge/ I am a huge fan of peplum tops because I think they make any figure look amazing! I especially like this one from Miss Selfridge because of the shape as it's different to the usual and I love the material and colour :) skinny jeans with this top would be a great evening outfit with some heels! May have to purchase this!
NYC vest: TOPSHOP/ I'm a huge fan of tops like this, as they're simple and go with a lot. I also really want to go to NY, its a huge dream of mine so this relates to me! This would be more of a casual outfit for during the day, but with some cute accessories and little pumps, it would look great for any occasion!
Heart knit jumper: River Island/ I'm not usually a fan of jumpers like this, but I surprisingly like this one. I think it's because it's quite simple and not too vibrant which is my style, and the fact that the colours contrast nicely with the skinnies! Only thing is, I'm not sure on the length as it does look quite long (being short has massive disadvantages haha) so if it was that little bit shorter, I'd probably like it a lot more.


  1. I LOVE my Topshop black skinny jeans! They've never stretched out of shape and I've had them for about 2 years now! Although make you wash them inside out because mine have faded quite alot! :(

    - Ellen xx

  2. black jeans are the best wardrobe staple ever! I can't find anything they won't go with :) bet they look ace with that sweetheart peplum top.
    happy new year!

  3. the leigh skinny jeans are the best! Nice post :) xox

  4. Topshop jeans are where its at. And the chequered shirt is lovely!! Xx

  5. You've picked some lovely things- I LOVE the camp top, bet that would look gorgeous for dinner and cocktails. The peplum's really pretty too, and I also love the jumper!
    Primark do some amazing skinny jeans at the moment- they don't go baggy and are nicely tight fitting- they're the 'extra soft super skinny' range and they have a lot of colours and are only about £11 if you wanted a cheaper alternative for a back up pair to the topshop ones!xx

    1. thank you! i'll definitely check them out, sound perfect :) xx