Thursday, 22 November 2012

...Would You Rather

Hey guys, hope you're all having a good week! Just thought I'd answer aload of questions for you all just so you can get to know me a bit better, hope it's not too boring! Would love to hear what you all think, so feel free to comment! :)
About You:
Eye Color: green, but i swear they turn turquoise in the sun!?
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5,4ish, pretty short! :(
Favorite Color: definitely dark purple and peach
Screen Name: jessie, can't really get creative with my name!
Favorite Band: oo probably...Mcfly (please don't laugh or judge haha)
Favorite Movie: i can't pick one, but Harry Potter, Dirty Dancing, Love Actually...the list goes on!
Favorite TV Show: it used to be Ugly Betty, but now it's probably Don't tell the bride Friday night dinner, Inbetweeners and chat shows such as Graham Norton :)
Your Car: A navy blue Ford KA.
Your Hometown: Southampton
Your Present Town: Southampton
Your Crush's First Name: i can't remember tbh!
Your Style: feminine and quite sophisticated
Have You Ever... Sat on your rooftop: nooo, would love to though!
Kissed someone in the rain: yes
Danced in a public place: indeed
Smiled for no reason: of course :)
Laughed so hard you cried: too many times!
Written a song: nope
Sang to someone for no reason: no, if you hear my singing you'll see why!
Performed on a stage: yes
Talked to someone you don't know: yes
Made out in a theater: yes
Gone roller skating since 8th grade: 8th grade? i can't work out what age that is :(
Been in love: yes and still am!
Can You...
Write with both hands: just about, writing with my left hand is barely readable though!
Whistle: no! i really want to
Blow a bubble: yep
Roll your tongue: nope :(
Cross your eyes: kind of?
Touch your tongue to your nose: no, my tongue is tiny!
Dance: i'm not bad with a couple of drinks down me!
Speak a different language: well i did french GCSE and that was about it..
Impersonate someone: i'm awful at things like that
Cook anything: nope, definitely need to become more domesticated!
Finish The Line...
I love ... my boyfriend
I wish ...i was more confident and rich
So many people don't know ...a lot
I am ...excited for the future!
My heart is ...extremely happy


  1. acabo de ver tu blog y te sigo! te invito a visitar el mío y si te gusta te espero como seguidora :) muak guapa

  2. hi jessie, i'm so glad you followed me.. i don't think i would've found your amazing blog otherwise!

    katy x