Wednesday, 28 November 2012

...My photography

In my first year of Uni, which was last year, we had to do loads of different types of photoshoots under different briefs. I won't explain them all as I don't want to bore you to death and I'd end up going on forever! But these are some of mine and my teachers favourites as well! I'd love to know what you think? Here's a link of my flickr account if you're interested in any more of my photography too!

Cowgirl Photoshoot. Location: New Forst/ Modelled by: My sister

Floral theme photoshoot: Location: Bournemouth Beach/ Modelled by: One of my friends

'Style me like a rockstar' Modelled by: Becky Neary (mums friend)

Winter clothing.  Location: forest near my house/ Modelled by: My sister


  1. your photography is brilliant! you should do a blog photo tips post!!
    new follower! check my blog out :) xox

  2. Awesome photos! My most favorite is the "Style me like a rockstar"! Your model is really good and you are also a great photographer! Anyway just dropping by I hope you can check my blog too! Take care and stay gorgeous!


  3. these are great, especially the floral themed shoot!

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  4. Hi I'm Jessica the blogger over at
    I love these photos! especially the one with the balloons. You should try putting these on tumblr and see if they get popular! love em:)